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News In Brief

Quarter Million Gambellans to Benefit from Facilities


Some 176 water facilities are being constructed in Gambella Regional State at a cost of 78 million Br, according to the State Water & Energy Development Bureau. The projects, being carried out with a fund provided by the government, the World Bank, and the African Development Bank (AfDB), are expected to benefit 240,000 people, according to Mekbedi Ouchan, deputy Bureau head.



 The Ethiopian Herald, February 5 2012.



City Garners 62pc over Last Year in Trash Collection Fees


Some 29.7 million Br has been collected through service charges from 632,000 cubic metres of dry waste removed from residences, companies, and organisations by the Addis Abeba City Administration, exceeding by 62pc that of the same period last year, according to the Communications Affairs Office of the Administration. There is a plan to increase the current 141 dry waste disposal platforms by 15pc, while giving training and instituting other systems of waste disposal, according to the office.



 Addis Lesan, February 4, 2012.



Railway, Light Rail Projects Coral 39b Br


Some 39 billion Br has been allocated to implement the constraction of the national railway network and the Addis Abeba plain rail transit, according to the Railway Corporation. There is a plan to implement all of the necessary designs with participating senior experts for the organisational structure of the Railway Corporation for the coming five years, according to Muferihat Kamil, chairperson of the committee for the Corporation. Some of the major prerequisites are recruiting senior experts for the construction and preparing a contract administration manual.   



 Addis Lesan, February 4, 2012.



Total Adorns Ayat with Sparkling Station


Total Ethiopia inaugurated a new station, constructed at a cost of 10.6 million Br, located around Ayat area on Thursday, February 9, 2012. This increases the number of stations it has to 36 in the capital, while adding one to the 185 existing fuel stations in the country, according to the company. The station includes a cafe, carwash, and spare parts outlet.



 Reporter, February 8, 2012.



Chinese Companies Sign 1.9b Br Roads Contract


A road construction agreement worth about 1.9 billion Br covering Oromia and Tigray regional states has been signed by two Chinese road construction companies and the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) at its headquarters, located on Ras Abebe Aregay Street, on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, according to the office. The ERA is projected to invest about 17.4 billion Br in road construction projects this fiscal year. The plan is to complete these roads within three years, according to the agreement.



 Reporter, February 8, 2012.



Bole International Airport Runway Expansion Starts Service


The first phase of the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise gravel and asphalt runway expansion at Bole International Airport, which was constructed at a cost of 686 million Br with a capacity to accommodate up to 15 airplanes at a time, started giving services during the 18th African Union Summit, according to the enterprise. Maintenance of the existing airport was done, and some 1.11 billion Br has been allocated for the second phase of the expansion, which the enterprise is planning to start in a few weeks, according to Wendimu Teklu, communication affairs head of the Enterprise.



 Addis Zemen, February 2, 2012.



North Shoa Nets Millions from Tourism


Over three million Br in income has been obtained in North Shoa Zone through tourism businesses catering to over 1,900 foreign and 85,000 local tourists visiting historical and cultural sites in the Zone, in the past six months, according to the Zone’s Culture & Tourism Department. There is a plan to construct lodges at a cost of 140 million Br at tourist attraction sites by investors, according to Sintayehu Belew, an expert in the department.




 The Ethiopian Herald, February 4, 2012.




Nile Insurance Collects 55pc More


Nile Insurance Company SC has collected over 148 million Br in premiums over the past six months with a paid-up capital of over 37 million Br, exceeding by 55pc that of the same period last year, according to the insurance company. Out of the total premiums collected, 138 million Br has been collected for nonlife insurance, while 10.6 million Br has been collected for life insurance. Along with the premiums, the insurance firm paid over 58 million Br in compensation, 58.2 million for various damages, and 710,000 Br for life insurance claims, according to the company.



 Reporter, January 18, 2012.



SC to Build Recreation Centre at 96.5m Br


True Way Capital Services SC is to build a park and a family recreation centre on a 4,400km plot of land around CMC area, at a cost of 96.5 million Br, according to the company. Some 50 million Br has been collected from the sale of shares. The company envisions collecting 38pc profit, annually, from the centre, according to Bekele Eshete, general director of the board.



 Reporter, December 16, 2011.




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