Published On  Jan 29,  2012
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Controversial Karuturi to Go Public, Here

Karuturi Agro Products Plc, part of holding company Karuturi Glolabal Ltd, is planning to go public, floating 200,000 shares worth 1,000 Br each to local investors, once it gets the nod from its board of directors. The shares will be short-term, with a guaranteed annual return of 10pc in dividends.

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Ethiopia Hopes to Launch Construction of Three New Dams

Senior ministers at the Ministry of Water & Energy (MoWE) are planning to carryout feasibility studies on three additional hydropower plants to be built in the basin of the Abay (Blue Nile) River, whose combined power generation capacity is projected to be larger than the Grand Renaissance Dam, Fortune learnt.

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Banks, Divorcees Exempt from Inclusion in the Lease Regime

Plots under historical holdings are exempted from inclusion in the lease regime when transferred to third parties during bank foreclosure of collateralised properties or when assets are divided between a divorced couple, a draft regulation authored by the Ministry of Urban Development & Construction (MUDC) suggests.

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Coffee Exports Roasted in Turmoil Halve

Ethiopiaís flagship export item, coffee, has fallen into a troubling state of affairs after the nationís exporters have failed to pack out even one fourth of the quantity expected to be sold in this fiscal year.

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Debre Markos to Get First High-rise

Ambassel Trading House Plc, one of the subsidiary companies under the umbrella of Endeavour, an endowment company affiliated with a member of the ruling coalition, Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), is to build what will be Derbe Markosís first high-rise in the townís 140-year history.

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Government officials in charge of clearing the mess in the land regime...


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Editor's Note  

Sitting at the helm of a sprinting economy is not always blissful.


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Rushed privatisation of big public enterprises is unwise, current economic realities in Ethiopia rightly show, argues Tsehai Alemayehu - - professor of economics and finance at Savannah State University, US.

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No one would chose to be born and raised amid poverty and hopelessness, but fate has the final say in natural selection. Living a life surrounded with illiteracy, disability, disease, and destitution is indeed as agonising as standing unarmed on enemy lines.


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"Perfection is impossible."

Fasil Nahom (PhD), legal advisor for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, noted as such, in explaining the gap between constitutional provisions and their implementation. There might be problems in implementation, he admitted in an exclusive interview with Addis Zemen, an Amharic daily newspaper, on January 25, 2012.


Elections: Means Not End

Human beings are uniquely endowed with an ability to look back and analyse times with a keen interest to learn the results of their actions and explain why things happened. Sensitivity for the times and the ability to associate them with major events that took place in the past is a typical human behaviour.  Read More


Informed Markets Drive Agro Growth


Agriculture is now and, even in the future, the most important sector. Since the global food crisis of 2008, the sector has been subject to serious attention around policy and has triggered processes that have influenced agricultural development, both negatively... Read More


The problems with the euro are the same problems that the world economy used to have with gold. Ironically,...

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The Fine Line

Sceptics who still maintain that Meles Zenawi will possibly continue his residence in Menilek Palace up in Arat Kilo, after his current ...

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Out and About

Sellers of sambusas, the deep-fried dough triangles filled with,...

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