Published On  Jan 15,  2012
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New Labour Bill in the Bowels of Ministry 

Experts at the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA) are putting the final touches on a bill that will significantly alter the nation’s labour laws last decreed nine years ago.

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COMESA’s PTA Bank Appoints Ethiopian Banker President

Admassu Y. Tadesse, an Ethiopian banker working for a Southern African development bank, has been appointed as the fourth president of the Eastern and Southern African Trade & Development Bank, a.k.a. the Preferential Trade Area (PTA) Bank, of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern ...

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Small Cement Plants to Settle for Pet Coke from Sudan for Now

The Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise (EPE) is in negotiations with the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation (SPC) to import petroleum coke (pet coke)...

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Industry Ministry Gives Nod to Mugher Exports

Officials at the Ministry of Industry (MoI) have given their nods to the desperate request made last week by managers of the state-owned Mugher Cement Enterprise to export their product to neighbouring ...

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Whopping Drops in Landline Tariffs for Peak Hours, Off-peak Hours

Alarmed by the marginal increment in landline subscribers and a revenue shortfall from the targeted 9.8 billion Br of its operations last year, ...

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Vehicle owners who were expecting another extension...


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Editor's Note  

Public sector reforms are not new for Junedin Sado, minister of...


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All indications are that the coming year will be an economically bumpy year for all countries, argues Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University (NYU).

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Economic differentials might define the relevance of currencies that countries trade with. So have political, geographic, societal...


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"It is symbolic of the current state of the China-Africa relationship."

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said this about the new headquarters of the African Union, a regional body reestablished in 2002, located on Roosevelt Street, Addis Abeba. The new building financed by the Chinese government consumed 200 million dollars. It has 28 stories, 31 conference halls, aside from the main hall with 2,250 seats, and employs cutting edge energy saving technologies. The building is a hallmark of the growing mutual trust between China and Africa, Meles told Ethiopian Television (ETV), upon visiting the headquarters on Wednesday, January 11, 2011.


Elections: Means Not End

Human beings are uniquely endowed with an ability to look back and analyse times with a keen interest to learn the results of their actions and explain why things happened. Sensitivity for the times and the ability to associate them with major events that took place in the past is a typical human behaviour.  Read More


Domesticated Banks Pave Global Future


A glaring fact of the recent financial crises is that banks act too selfishly without any due concern for social benefits, argues Bob Diamond, chief executive officer (CEO) of Barclays, a global investment bank based in the United Kingdom (UK). Saving the world from the credit debt glut calls for citizen-based banking services, he asserts. Read More


If the world is to succeed in alleviating poverty and providing the necessary framework for sustainable development on the planet,...

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The Fine Line

Indeed, almost all leaders have ambitions to conquer not only the people they are elected to serve or have imposed themselves...

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Out and About

Sellers of sambusas, the deep-fried dough triangles filled with,...

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