Published On  Oct 16,  2011






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News In Brief


Ministry Revises Fuel Price

The Ministry of Trade (MoT) has announced the newly revised retail price of fuel which would be effective as of October 8 to November 10, 2011. The price of gasoline is 19.50 Br, white naphtha 16.97 Br, Kerosene 13.95 Br, light black naphtha 14.78 Br and heavy black naphtha is 14.48 Br for a litre in Addis Abeba city. The price of air is revised to  20.22 Br. 


 The Ethiopian Herald, October 8, 2011.


Kombolcha to Get Water at 15m Br

The expansion of potable water project in Kombolcha Town, south Wello Zone of the Amhara Regional State is well in progress with close to 15 million Br, according to the state Water Development Bureau. The project is being implemented according to the state government’s plan to make the town an industry centre within the GTP period, said Asnake Akalneh, bureau public relation head. Sinking of two water wells is already finalised and the construction of three water reservoirs with 650,000-litre water capacity and installation of 28 km water pipelines is well in progress, Asnake said.



 The Ethiopian Herald, October 8, 2011.



SMEs in Arsi Generate Revenues of 90m Br

Youths of Assela organized in 1,000 associations in Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State have obtained 90 million Br over the past one- year, according to the Zonal Micro and Small Enterprise Development Office.  The youth had been engaged in cobblestone work, construction material production, metal and metals small trade, and agriculture, according to Adugna Dessalegn, office trade service process owner. The Youth were provided with 12 million Br loan and plots in urban and rural areas. The associations have so far saved 10.7 million Br.


 The Ethiopian Herald, October 8, 2011.



Farmers to Increase Production Fourfold in Wello


Farming to increase crop production in Delanta Wereda, south Wello Zone in the Amhara Regional State by four fold is underway, according to the Wereda Agriculture and rural development office. Farmers involved in irrigation development have been cultivating crops in their farms and expect to harvest 200,000 quintals of crops. Harvests stood at only 4,000 quintals last year.



 The Ethiopian Herald, October 9, 2011.



Debre Berhan University to Add Five Fields

The Debre Berhan University announced last week that it will start training students in five additional fields this academic year. The newly added fields will increase the fields of training to 29, University President Getachew Tefera speaking at an event organized to give recognition to individuals said. The new departments include undergraduate programs in Law, Chemical Engineering, Midwifery, Sport Science and as well a PhD program in Health science.  


The Ethiopian Herald, October 8, 2011.



EEPCo Lights 703 Towns


The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) announced the project to supply power rural areas it had launched last year have benefited 703 urban and rural towns. The work it has undertaken last year accounted for 88pc of its envisaged plan, according to Miskir Negash, EEPCo’s public relation head. The activities enabled the corporation to raise the electricity coverage in the country from the previous 41 pc to 46 pc, according to the corporation. The demand of power supply has been growing by 25 to 30pc a year and the corporation planned to supply 10,000Mw by the end year of the GTP, according to Miskir.      



The Ethiopian Herald, October 8, 2011.



Hadiya to Collect 135m Br in Taxes

The Hadiya Zone Revenue Office in the Southern Regional State has planned to collect close to 135 million Br from various income titles in this Ethiopian fiscal year. The target would surpass the previous year by 43 million Br, according to Mulat Asheno, office representative. The revenue will be collected from direct and indirect taxes and from non-tax incomes and the office is striving to raise the awareness of the taxpayers for better revenue, he said.


 The Ethiopian Herald, October 7, 2011.




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