Published On  Oct 16,  2011
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New Law Puts Private Possessions under Lease

Unlike the previous two lease laws that have been passed, the urban land lease holding proclamation, passed on Tuesday, October 12, 2011, heard hardly any debate or discussion.

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Tax Authority Hunts for More Back Taxes

Continuing its investigation into oil companies, the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) has found that it is owed millions in unpaid back taxes. It has identified unpaid taxes by Total Ethiopia and National Oil Company (NOC), sources disclosed to Fortune.

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Staffs of Devít Agencies say Less is Better for GTP

Just after a year it was submitted to development agencies, the Joint Staffs have released a full analysis of the governmentís five-year economic plan questioning the ability of the government to secure funds for its ambitious plan and criticizing its lack of prioritization.

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Ban on Distance Education, Programs Being Evaluated

After lodging its complaint to the Higher Education Relevance & Quality Agency, the ranking of Alkan Health Collegeís degree program has been modified as having fulfilled the minimum requirement.

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Draft Directive Weighs on Exporters

The Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency (EHDA) is drafting a new export management directive, which is expected to take effect this month, that changes the unit of measurement of flowers to kilograms as opposed to stems in calculating repatriated foreign exchange. 

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The ground floor of Betsegah Motherís and Childrenís...


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Editor's Note  

Communal aspirations are often difficult to bet on. So uncertain...


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Having a vibrant financial sector that provides an array of modern services in a fast-growing economy ....

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The basic globalization narrative has lost its credibility and appeal. It will be quite some time before any...


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"The printing machines in this country [Ethiopia] are more than 50 years old."

Taka Abadi, managing director of Artistic Printing Press and President of the Ethiopian Publishers & Printing Presses Association, said this talking about how much the Ethiopian printing sector lags behind the global trend. He made the comment, comparing the sectorís status with what he has seen in a printing exhibition in Germany three years ago, in an interview with Mesenazeria, an Amharic weekly, on October 11, 2011.  


Civilization Warrants Revitalizing Government


We live in an era in which the most important forces affecting every economy are global, not local. What happens in China, India, and elsewhere powerfully affects every other economy.Read More


In what was expected to be an indication of the executive plans asked of the legislature to be achieved within the year, President Girma Woldegiorgisís speech was somewhat lacking in its usual details and signals. The State of the Union speech by the President ...Read More


Police officers have no duty other than to enforce the laws set by the policies of the government in power.

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The Fine Line

The spectre of possible cabinet reshuffling in the federal government is back again, gossip noticed. There is a widespread feeling ...

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Out and About

Sellers of sambusas, the deep-fried dough triangles filled with,...

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