Published On  Oct 09,  2011
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MoFED to Draft TAX, VAT Law Amendment

The Tax and VAT proclamations are to be amended this year as the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) wants to see some provisions changed. Drafts of the two laws are among four, along with Mining Tax and Financial Reporting Proclamations, it is planning to send to the Council of Ministers.

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Karuturi to Fence Farm Half the Size of Addis

Karuturi Global Ltd. is to construct embankments around 25,000ht of farmland, half the size of Addis Abeba, in Gambella Regional State, at a cost of 15 million dollars, following its report of a loss of 15 million dollars due to flooding.

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Power Outages Creates Havoc for Clearing Houses

Power interruption at one of the busiest and largest, by volume, clearing houses for imported items in the country, the Addis Abeba Commercial Commodities Facilitation Branch Office of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Agency (ERCA) disrupted service for three days last week.

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Lion’s Profit not so Profitable to Shareholders

Lion International Bank (LIB) reported a modest increase in profit after tax of 43.7 million Br for the 2010/11 fiscal year; a 10.4pc increase from last year. However, the earning per share (EPS) shareholders would receive decreased by 12.9pc t0 4.4 Br per value of 25 Birr shares.

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Inexplicable Disease Afflicts 3,000 in Afar

A mysterious disease, which has infected approximately 3,000 people in Afar Regional State in the past three months, has medical professionals puzzled. Blood samples were sent to Senegal after an investigation at the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institution (EHNRI) failed to identify cultures grown here, according to sources in Afar.

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Bread is one of the few food items one can buy for cheap, often eaten as...


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Editor's Note  

Ethiopian culture dictates showing respect to all pregnant women.


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In the face of the global economic downturn, Ethiopian economic policymakers need to continuously monitor potential financial sector vulnerabilities, enhance ....

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A recent invitation to an art studio owned by a friend was as revealing as watching the film called “Like the Benjamin”.


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Radar and Caption    
  Radar articles... and Photo Caption  

"I am just tired."

Eyesuswork Zafu, President of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association and Managing Director of United Insurance SC, said this about predicting and understanding moves the Central Bank makes about the financial sector following the recent raise in the threshold capital of banks to half a billion, in an interview with the Amahric Reporter that appeared on October 2, 2011 issue.


Non-Farm Economy Saves Rural Africa


Africa has not yet had a successful agricultural revolution and as a result the vast majority of its rural population remain trapped in poverty. Given past failures in promoting agricultural development, some African policy makers and donors are looking to the rural ...Read More


Unsolicited Promotions Rebuff Merit

Employee promotions usually bring higher status, accompanied by greater respect, and better income and privileges. In earlier times, public sector promotions were made on the basis of experience. They were easy to implement, although unpopular with  younger employees.Read More


Understanding separation of powers in the Ethiopian context has become difficult because party and state have often been one and...

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The Fine Line

Two things define the collective disposition of Revolutionary Democrats. Despite popular resentment and frequent resistance,...

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Out and About

Sellers of sambusas, the deep-fried dough triangles filled with,...

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