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Increasing Cost of Feasting Food


As the Easter holiday approached, the holiday buying frenzy in Addis Abeba was in full swing last week. Some residents felt the pinch on purses, while others, such as Mulunesh Waleleign (left), were satisfied with their purchases. She attributed her purchase of two chickens for a total of 110 Br to successful bargaining. her lifelong friend, Tiruwork Beyene (right), helped her tie up the fowls destined to become the Easter feast on Sunday, April 24, 2011.

They were among the few who went to the market earlier in the week to finish their shopping before the anticipated speculatuve escalation of prices towards the end of the week as the holiday drew nearer.

Shola market received mixed reviews from shoppers. In comparison with the same period last year, there was a significant increase in the average prices of meat and animal products, ranging from sheep and ox to butter and eggs, according to the majority of those surveyed by Fortune.

The price of “yehabesha” and “yeferenge” eggs, sold at 1.65 Br, showed an increase of 10pc over last year’s prices around Easter. The price of one kilogramme of butter was, on average, 125 Br last week, an increase of 65 Br (38.9pc) over the price of last year. The price of sheep, ranging between 500 Br and 2,650 Br for a small and big animal, respectively, showed an increase of 160pc. The price of an ox has also risen dramatically. Prices stood between 8,000 Br and 21,000 Br last week, a leap of 40pc from the previous year. Big, live chickens cost 11pc more last week, than they did last year. This makes holiday shopping beyond consideration for people such Tsegereda Asgedom, 38, domestic worker providing laundery, with an average monhtly income of 400 Br.

While most prices had increased, one item, “yeferenge” onions, showed a sharp decrease from 6.50 Br per kilogramme to 4.50 Br per kilogramme. The price of the local variety remained as it was last year: 10 Br. Find Out More


Hailemariam Leads Senior Ministers to UK Investment Forum


A high-level Ethiopian delegation, led by Hailemariam Desalegn, deputy prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), is scheduled to leave for London in the first week of June 2011, to participate in the first investment forum between the United Kingdom (UK) and Ethiopia, sources disclosed to Fortune.


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Ethiopian Fires 21 Trainee Cabin Crewmembers

Ethiopian Airlines (ET) terminated the employment of 21 trainee cabin crewmembers last week, following an evaluation of their performance.


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Plaintiff Rejects Holland Car’s Forex Shortage as Defence

Holland Car Plc’s claim that a foreign exchange shortage prevented it from delivering on a contract was rejected by the dairy farmer suing it, in the Federal First Instance Court, Yeka Branch, on Wednesday, April 20, 2011.


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Freight Forwarder Claims Exporter Files Suit Too Late

Despite the government’s previous position not to lift the lending cap until the inflation rate came down to single digits, NBE lifted the lending cap on April 1, 2011, while the inflation rate reached 25pc, in March 2011.


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Should Diaspora Members Be Allowed to Practice Law?

In a rare intra-ministry squabble, authorities at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) find themselves at odds with their counterparts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) over whether Ethiopian born foreign nationals with training in law could practice their trade in Ethiopian courts.


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Growing Remittance through Banks Has Black Market Grumbling

Around holidays, such as Easter being celebrated this weekend, more Ethiopians than usual receive remittances from family members or friends abroad. An increasingly popular way of sending the money is through banks or remittance service providers (RSPs),...


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Ministry Caps Skin Prices for Leather Factories

The prices, exclusive of VAT, of animal skins and hides that are sold to factories have been fixed, announced the Ministry of Industry (MoI) on Thursday, April 21, 2011.


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Kereyu Hill to Inaugurate Adama’s First Resort Hotel

Kereyu Hill Resort Hotel in Adama (Nazareth) Town is to be inaugurated this week with a soft opening for customers.


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Raya Sells 65pc of Targeted Founding Shares

Raya Brewery SC collected 65pc of the 250 million Br target it had set to collect from the sale of founding members’ shares by April 8, 2011, it announced.


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Lion Argues Bank Lacks Insurable Interests to Claim 3m Br

Lion Insurance SC, which is being sued by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) for a little more than three million Birr over an alleged insurance policy for property damaged by a natural disaster, claimed on April 11, 2011, that the plaintiff cannot demand the payment without insurable interests.


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Knife Sharpeners Making Seasonal Killing

Holidays bring different challenges along with opportunities. For some, Easter offers the opportunity to earn extra cash. The demand for the services of people slaughtering animals at one’s home has declined, while the sharpeners and sellers of knives made from scrap metal are experiencing a boom in business,...


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Reactivate Special Committee on Food, Fuel Prices: Governor to IMF

Anticipating a high inflation rate, the governor of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), Teklewold Atnafu, has called on the IMF to reactivate the Special Committee on Food and Fuel Prices.


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Subsistence Farmers Hard-hit by Drought in South

Kalito Dawit, 40, a mother of seven, owns half a hectare of land covered with maize, beans, sweet potatoes, and enset (false banana).


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Less Holiday Cheer

Last week, liquor sellers complained that sales have been down lately and few of them expected business to improve towards the end of the week, as the Easter festivities drew nearer, ...


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