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Central Bank Gives Commercial Banks “Haircut”

National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) issued a new directive last week, ordering almost all commercial banks to begin buying saving bills, spending 27pc of the loan disbursements they have made since July 2010. 

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Gov’t  Starts Importing Palm Oil

The Merchandise Wholesale & Trade Enterprise (MWITE) has opened letters of credit (LCs) worth 17.8 million dollars at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) for the first shipment of 12,500tn of palm oil imported from Malaysia.

The price of palm oil, which is imported duty-free, has shown a steady increment, increasing from 840 dollars per ton in September 2010, to 934 dollars per ton in October 2010, according to data from the IMF’s Malaysian palm oil futures. By February 2011, the price reached a high of 1,031 dollars per ton, the data showed.

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Development Bank First to Increase Lending Interest

DBE’s increment in the interest of non-priority loans is applicable only on those that have not yet been settled, as the bank will be dispersing loans only to projects in the priority sectors, according to an official in the credit process department of the bank.

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Court Grants 10,000 Br Bail Bonds to Leikun+9

Leikun Brehanu, former president of Awash International Bank (AIB) SC; Mitiku Abush, former special advisor to Leikun; and eight other defendants who are charged with an alleged misdemeanour in handling letters of credit (LCs) ...

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A new proclamation limits the number of different trade licence...


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Editor's Note  

In the global competition for power, the United States (US) ...


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Despite the lending cap imposed on commercial banks since the beginning of 2009, the banking industry had disbursed loans and advances to the tune of 21.4 billion Br up until June 30, 2010.

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The diffusion of theoretical debates to policy making arenas is often slow.


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"The Ethiopian government is neither blind nor deaf."


Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said this during his eight-month performance report to Parliament on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, in a warning directed primarily at Girma Seifu, the sole opposition MP. “Those individuals involved in the plot being hatched to incite terror and protests will pay a price,” he said


EDP: No Time for Rhetoric

Concerns that Lidetu Ayalew’s abdication of his presidency would be doomsday for the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) have been laid to rest. Most EDP supporters had thought Lidetu’s presidency was indispensable and were worried about who from the rank and file of the party could replace...Read More

View Point

After a series of exchanges with some friends in the Diaspora who have yet to be convinced of the merit of purchasing EEPCo’s ...

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The Fine Line

It appears as though there was hardly a time in the past when Addis Abeba was deserted of its officialdom, as was the case this ...

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Out and About

Sellers of sambusas, the deep-fried dough triangles filled with,... Read More

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