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Directors of AIB Fire Leikun

The board of directors of Awash International Bank have dismissed Leikun Berhanu, the longest serving president of the bank, on Friday, ...

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Banks Pay 794m Br Windfall Tax Before Weekend

The first payment of windfall tax has been made with six banks paying a total of 794 million Br by Friday, December 31, 2010; only three days before ...

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Natíl Insurance to Start on 140m Br HQ This Week

Geom Luigi Varnero Impressa Construction Plc has won the bid to construct the skeleton of the headquarters of National Insurance Company of ...

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Court Orders Sheraton Pay Employees 615,712 Br in Back Pay

The Sheraton Addis has been ordered by the Kera Federal First Instance Court, First Labour Bench, to pay 19 of its employees, who it ...

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City Building District Offices at 53M Br 

New ground plus seven buildings to house the district offices for the Integrated Land Management Information System Development

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East Africa Bottling Receives First Trucks for Fleet Expansion

East Africa Bottling SC Coca Cola has received seven IVECO 380 trucks it bought at a cost of 23 million Br from AMCE as part of its 107 million...

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The Christmas Trade Fair and Bazaar drew more vendors than trade ...


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Editor's Note  

The business of governing much is too often about making ....


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Both Muslim and Christian leaders have been exerting relentless efforts in brokering forgiveness and reconciliation for the former Derg inmates in Kaliti Prison, on considerations ...

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It is fascinating to contemplate the current state of affairs when it comes to institutional reforms in Ethiopia. The public seems to understand too well how the social order functions.


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Radar and Caption    
  Radar articles... and Photo Caption  

"I donít think it is the responsibility of a developer to check whether a directive goes with the Constitution or not, if a government institution issues it."

Lidetu Ayalew, president of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), said this about the governmentís claim that a directive allowing the transfer of leased land to a third person was against the Constitution and doing so is wrong as anyone who can read the directive can also read the Constitution, in the December 30,2010, edition of Addis Lesan, an Amharic biweekly.


Enduring Legacy of Commitment to Quality Education


It would be no exaggeration to say that the story of St. Joseph School and its alumni is also the story of the Ethiopian people. Over the past 50 years, they have lived through a story of struggle and survival, of triumph and tragedy, of turbulence and achievement, all experienced against the backdrop of the very modernisation of the country itself. Read More


Vergnet, a French company, is installing the first wind farm, which will have the capacity to generate 120MW of electricity, in Ashegoda, located 20km from Mekelle, Tigray Regional State. Marc Vergnet, .......Read More

View Point

The prospect of the imminent pardon for repentant former Derg members has roused heated debate in Ethiopiaís print media and blogosphere.

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The Fine Line

This is a particular time of year when there is a lot of dislodgement in the public sector. It is hardly confined to the ministerial and similarly high positions ...

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View From Arada

While the prices of some vegetables and fruits recently saw a rapid increase, their ...

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