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Friendship, love, unsafe sex and taking responsibility seem to be the intertwining dominant themes in Yewendoch Guday II, a new Amharic movie currently being screened at Edna Mall. Reactions to the premier of the movie suggest that it could be as successful as its first part.


Yewendoch Guday II



Friends and Lovers

Ketema, one of the characters played by Shewaferaw Desalegn in Yewendoch Guday II – a new Amharic movie       –is in a panic because of the likelihood of his wood workshop being shut down because of the affair one of his workers, Zerihun (represented by Zerihun Asmamaw), has with the daughter of the man who rented the workshop to Ketema.


Zerihun, who is almost like a son to Ketema, after a long stay at the workshop, denies that he has had a baby with Yibeyin’s (Mekonen Leake) daughter.

In the one hour and 43 minutes long new movie, a continuation of Yewendoch Guday I, Ketema considers not only Zerihun as a son, but also sees all the other wood workers as his children for their long stay on the job. These workers are A’emro (Admasu Kebede), Mesfin (Mesfin Haileyesus), Emush (Wesagne Hailu), Tewodros/Tedi (Tewodros Seyoum) and Kecho (Elsabet Getachew), who formed Yewendoch Guday (Men’s Affair) Group.

Zerihun seems to has this habit of practicing unsafe sex and always seems to impregnate almost all the women he meets; though he denies responsibility for them all. But he does not persistently deny the last one.


Emush also have this same problem; he too denies the baby he has with his girlfriend, Martha (Shewit Kebede). A’emro is mad at his girlfriend, Helina (Rekik Teshome), for she has just declared a break up of their relationship for a reason that he could never understand. She is not serious though; she is just trying to test him to see if he could ever be the right man for her to marry. The test is so strong that she sends one of her best friends over to him to cross check if he still really loves her.

The coming of Helina’s best friend to the workshop, however, seems to be a problem for Tedi and Mesfin, who then keep competing to get her. Unfortunately, she does no respond positively to either of the two.

In the story’s climax, Martha, appearing to be a lawyer, takes all Ketema’s legal papers so that she can trade the papers in exchange for establishing the fact that the father of the baby she carries is Emush.  At this point, Emush needs to settle the dispute with his ex-girlfriend for a while in order to get his boss’s papers back. He does not find it that easy, though. After a while, looking down at his new-born baby, he decides to stay loyal to her.


His decision is not only a simple action that changes his life, it also turns out to have a power to awaken his friends, A’emro and Zerihun, into seeing the life-time benefits of making up with their ex-girlfriends.


Does he succeed to this end?

Oh, yes! He finally succeeds in inspiring Zerihun to reconcile with his girlfriend, who is pregnant, and in making A’emro marry Helina on a bus.


Behind this movie, full of humorous actions, is the significant role of friends; Yewendoch Guday Group were committed to having a happy ending in the film production premiered last Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at Edna Mall Cinema (Mati Multiplex) in Edna Mall Building, right in front of Bole Medhanialem Church.

About 50 people, including movie attendants, journalists, guests, the actors, and representatives of sponsors were at the premiere.            

The event also included an award ceremony for those involved in the making of the movie, including the actors, sponsors and producers. A DVD of behind the scene events prepared by one of the sponsors, Yonas Mobile, was also distributed for free to all the premiere attendants.   

Tamiru Birhanu, an artist who acted in a number TV dramas, was one of the attendants. He said had not been very optimistic that Yewendoch Guday II would turn out as  successful as its first part before he watched the movie.

“Most of the time, people in the movie industry pay so much attention and exert effort on their first production, which they do not maintain in their next works,” he explained. “My wife and I really enjoyed the movie even more than the first part,” Tamiru told Fortune after the premiere.

However, this view from some in the audience is not one shared by some of those involved in the making of both parts of the movie.


Admasu Kebede, one of the major actors, writer and director of the movie, said that he prefers the first part, though he relates it to his changing roles.

“My role in the first part was only acting; the director was Henok Ayele back then. Thus, I was a bit freer than at this time,” said Admasu.

Zerihun Asmamaw, one of the major actors, has a different view. Yewendoch Guday I was his first movie and he liked it for the good memories he had of it. Yet, he also adores this one for he believes that he manifested better acting and realized he has potential to be a major actor. But he said he is not the only one.


“All the actors have come up with a more competitive acting performance and potential this time,” Zerihun told Fortune.


Dawit Alemayehu, the editor of Mizewochu, one of the many Amharic movies coming out almost every week, did the same job on Yewendoch Guday II.

Making a movie with a good sound quality despite the Ethiopian movie industry still not having sophisticated sound system gadgets is what he considers a big success. Yewendoch Guday I was of poorer sound quality.

“There are no sounds you can not hear this time,” Dawit said.

Yewendoch Guday II is produced by Arkki Sira Film Production, with Yonas Mobile and Habesha Cement Share Company as primary sponsors. Its entire production took six months and cost 330,000 Br. 





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