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Fallout Over Koka Power Outage

Electric supply has become stressed following the burning of the substation transformer for Koka Hydroelectric Dam on February 3, 2010, three weeks after the news of the collapse of the tunnel of the Gilgal Gibe II Hydroelectric Plant.

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ERA Asks MoFED for 2.9b Br Extra

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) has requested of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) a 2.9 billion Br supplementary budget, a reliable source disclosed.

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Awash VP, 10 Others Accused of Mishandling Funds

The Board of Awash International Bank (AIB) sent on forced leave Mitiku Abeshu, its vice president for international banking for an alleged misdemeanor related to handling letters of credit (LC); 10 other employees holding different positions have also been affected by similar decisions.

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Kajo Construction to Regurgitate Roads Project

Kajo International Construction Plc is giving up on a road construction project it was awarded by the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) due to financial constraints, although the project completion is already overdue by three years.

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Italians Part of Succession of Four Business Delegations

An Italian business delegation, organised by the Italian Institute of Foreign Trade, has been in Addis Abeba since last Wednesday to participate in the 14th Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (ACITF). 

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The Addis Abeba City Council meet for its annual meeting on ...


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Editor's Note  

When Girma Wake, the seasoned chief executive officer of Ethiopian Airlines...


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Economic Commentary  

Whether or not there is a structured market regulated by law and enforced, a primary market for shares is flourishing in Addis Abeba. Over 23 companies have currently made initial public offerings of their stock, fighting to get a slice of the public's money. The state has not been enthusiastic in helping this market emerge and blossom. Abbas Mohammed, a private legal consultant, sees the emergence of a form of stock exchange in Ethiopia inevitable, and offers here his expertise on which way to go.

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Yes, agriculture accounts for nearly half of Ethiopia’s GDP and provides employment for nearly 85pc of the population. Just about every foreign currency the country earns comes from agricultural commodities; and the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MoARD) asserts an 11pc growth in the sector during the past five years. 


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The campaign trail has begun, albeit slowly and unexcitingly to the tastes of those at the gossip corridors. Nevertheless, Addis Abebans are having a hilarious take on the campaigns by different parties broadcast on the national TV, every night.


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"I believe that modernity is a shared public culture."

Andreas Esheté (Prof), president of Addis Abeba University, said this to an audience  gathered at the Ras Mekonnen Hall of Addis Abeba University to attend his public lecture entitled, "What is Unique about Modernity? on February 24, 2010. The lecture is the launch of a series entitled, "What is Zemenawinet'? Perspectives on Ethiopian Modernity" that is organised by Addis Abeba University, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Goethe-Institut.

Final Farewell


Only three bodies among the eight flight crews, one of whom has not so far been named, who were aboard ET409 which crashed immediately after taking off on its fatal flight from Beirut to Addis Abeba were delivered Sunday, ......More



E  L  E  C  T  I  O  N  2010


At last, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) officially ended the registration of parties running in the May 2010 election on February 22, 2010. The registration of voters ended the same day. Find out More

Electoral Punch/I’m the Third Way, the Truth and the Life

Guests invited to the Intercontinental Addis Hotel, at the heart of good old Kazanchis, for a book launch were asked if they wanted to pay 40 Br more on top of the cover price. The prize? Author Lidetu Ayalew, would autograph his new book, “Medelot,” literally translated “Scale,” as some of us learned after a few telephone calls......More


Politically Hesitant Voter Ranks Swell


Voters’ registration for the forthcoming national election will come to an end today, February 21, 2010, after national electoral officials postponed the deadline twice from its original schedule. Yet the latest data from the authorities revealed that 2.1 million more ........More

View Point

While Ethiopia has missed the industrial and green revolutions it appears to be setting itself up for failure in the today's revolutions of ICT and education. Unless the telecom sector...

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Life Matters

I firmly believe that people or things do not fundamentally change. I do believe there is room ..

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View From Arada

As Demissie Damte, Ethiopia’s iconic sportscaster, battles diabetes for the right ..

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