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Bank of Abyssinia Likely to Enter another Cycle of Turmoil

The Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) is edging closer to another cycle of turmoil, following the resignation of its Acting President, Chanyalew Yilma, last week, sources disclosed to Fortune.

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National Consultants-Hopeful Bidder to Design ET's Four-Star Hotel

The private architectural firm, National Consultants, is emerging as a potential contender to bag a multimillion Birr consulting contract from the Ethiopia Airlines (ET), which is planning to build its own four-star hotel in a vast plot near Bole International Airport, sources disclosed.

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Electronic Project Spurs Assembly Opportunity

The Electronic Ethiopia Project will release into the market in September 2009, 400 units of six types of electronic products which will be assembled in Ethiopia for the first time. This project runs under the Engineering Capacity Building Program (ecbp), which is a joint venture scheme between the ...

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Flower Study Hopes to Blossom Revenue

Ethiopia's flower exporters could be using better, market enhancing packages for their stalks as of early 2010, depending on a successful completion of a study conducted for the horticulture association by two Swiss based institutions.

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A year after all-hell-broke-loose during the Ethiopian Olympic team's...


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Editor's Note  

Only a few managers responsible for running the business of public companies...


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Economic Commentary  

For too long now, policy debates in the global economy have been dominated by financial enthusiasts, such as former American Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. Dani Rodrik, professor of Political Economics at Harvard University, argues that it is time for a change. In this commentary provided to Fortune by Project Syndicate, he says there are too many myths about the financial industry that should be debunked.


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Last year, there were two sides to the debate. One camp argued that the recession in the United States would be V-shaped - short and shallow. It would last only eight months, like the two previous recessions of 1990-1991 and 2001, and the world would decouple from the US contraction.


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Today would mark the second day of a crucial meeting by the 36-member executive committee of the ruling EPRDF, in progress at the Prime Minister's Office. It is a very powerful body of the ruling party, which has the right to elect the chairman of the party. It meets every three ...


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"You should be happy the Airline is making money."

Girma Wake, chief executive officer of the Ethiopian Airlines (ET), retorted to a reporter at a press conference at the Hilton last week, when grilled as to whether or not the 1.3 billion Br gross profits his company reported for the fiscal year 2008-09 was attributable to sheer luck from the reduction of oil prices on the global market.

Insiders Treated Like Outsiders by Foreigners

A new book by Mahmood Mamdani, “Saviors and Survivors”, provides fodder for rethinking what has happened in Darfur, Sudan. Darfurians are suffering from the legacy of marginalization which can only be redressed by political reform, writes Abdul Mohammed. Read the Review

INTERVIEW-Sharing Money Important, But Not Enough: UN Rapporteur

Fortune is pleased to take part in an unusual but very productive collaboration with other media outlets in Africa and Europe. Organized by, and together with newspapers in Senegal, Mali, and Madagascar, Fortune has participated on an online interview of Olivier De Schutter, a special rapporteur to the United Nations on Right to Food. 

View Point

Following the broadcasting of a documentary by the American CBS on Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin (PhD), the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Ethiopian Commodities ...

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Life Matters

The streets of Addis Abeba have found an intense addition to their décor that makes them more ...

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View From Arada

The Ethiopian Diaspora face many challenges stemming from language inadequacy not to mention ...

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